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Exetel Capital Gives Back

Exetel Capital believes in giving back to the people who live in our properties with meaningful programs that build community. From CEO to property managers to the kids who swim in our pools, these heartfelt initiatives affect everyone involved.

Office meeting

We’ve Got Your Back

Our “We’ve Got Your Back” program was created to help school-aged children get started on the right foot. The Exetel Capital staff personally purchases school supplies from local businesses and organizes them into individual backpacks. The backpacks are distributed to Exetel's multifamily properties, with additional supplies donated to local charities. This initiative is part of our broader goal to create better communities for everyone.

Rent-Free Christmas

Exetel Capital wants to make Christmas a little brighter for families at each of our communities. Property managers at each WWC community select a family who would most benefit from one month’s free rent, so they may use those funds to instead create a Christmas memory with their family. As part of the program, three families from each community are also gifted a holiday package that includes gifts for children and parent(s) purchased by Exetal Capital's staff and property managers.


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