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Bridging creative projects with entrepreneurial minds

Bridging Creative Projects with Entrepreneurial Minds

Since 2015 Exetel Capital has been helping innovative startups reach their full potential. We are always on the lookout for new ideas and business models that we can effectively grow to a successful exit.


Doing It Differently

Our people-first approach strives for excellence at every point: from property selection and management to employee and resident satisfaction, to investor confidence.

Venture Portfolio

Partners. Visionaries.

Client 1

$10.5 Million

Real Estate


Upcoming Investment Opportunities

A System of Success

The Exetel Capital's Value Creation System is a disciplined methodology that consistently generates the performance, results, and reliable returns that Exetel Capital is known for.


Strategic Acquisitions

Exetel targets properties that will dramatically benefit from our Value Creation System, in markets where key fundamentals drive rental demand and ensure sustained investment opportunity.

1. Exetel Capital calculates average annualized returns as follows:
First: Annualized pre-tax returns for each sold property = [ (Total pre-tax return to limited partners expressed in %) / ((investment period expressed in days) / 365) ]
Then: Average annualized pre-tax returns across all sold properties = [ (Total Annualized pre-tax returns for all sold properties) / (# of sold properties) ]

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